Not many people know that Strawbees exists in more than 40.000 schools and in 200.000 homes in 50+ countries. We are very proud over that and what teachers and parents love is the combination of the engineering properties and the unlimited progression possibilities, at a cost which makes the tool available for everyone.

The regular customer usually starts by buying the Maker, Inventor or Imagination Kit, and when they have used that at home or at school, they usually want to upgrade to the Coding & Robotics Kit, making their creations interactive, or buying the STEAM School Kit, which makes learning possible for 50 kids for 395 USD, which is the lowest cost educational tool / student in the world.

We also take pride in creating the best learning content in the world. Key for us is to combine blended learning together with a flipped classroom approach, making life easier for the teacher, especially in the coding & robotics subject, which sometimes can seem complex. Our content is also connected to both UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the PISA framework, to ensure we have the highest quality of learning.

Our sales today is about 70% education and 30% retail, and that is a perfect mix for us, making our learning available for kids both in schools and at home. The award for best Nordic EdTech Company, in competition with amazing brands, is just a proof that what we do is what the world needs.


Thanks to agreements with major retailers all over the world, our education offer: STEAM School kit, Cardboard School kit and Coding & Robotics School kit, is present in more than 40.000 schools across 50 countries.

Teachers and educators love our school kits for all the possibilities they bring into their STEAM activities. The progression possibilities are endless, and our products and content are used in >10.000 kindergartens, but also used at university level at MIT in Boston and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Our connectors and construction pipes are also extremely durable and designed to be used tons of times, while using the lowest amount of material of any similar educational brand. We truly care about the world, and we want to educate kids in material science, environmental science and re- & upcycling. We are sprung from the maker and sustainable movement, and therefore we have developed the Infinite Kit, where kids can bring waste material from home and upcycle it to valuable material, Strawbees. We also use the cleanest plastic in the world, PolyPropylene (PP) which is 100% recyclable.

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Check how our unique value proposition fits in the STEAM Education market.

STEAM School kit

MSRP/MAP: 295 USD – 4060 pieces for your whole classroom STEAM activities.

Our STEAM School kit is a favorite in classrooms, maker spaces and science centers around the world. >4000 pieces for 295 USD is the lowest cost STEAM tool in the world.

From simple geometrical shapes building to complex mechanical and collaborative inventions, Strawbees STEAM school kit provides all the necessary elements to bring the whole range of STEAM activities into the classroom. The color-coded connectors will make it easier for teachers to follow the projects on the booklet and or take things to the next level with our online educational content.

It includes enough pieces for an entire classroom (up to 30 students) for kids to create by themselves or together. 

Content is available offline and on our online platform.

Cardboard School kit

MSRP/MAP: 245 USD – 1604 pieces! Start building with cardboard for only $245

The Cardboard School kit is our latest and most requested addition! It adds washers and new tools to make building with cardboard and Strawbees fun and safe! The kits is endorsed and co-branded with the Imagination Foundation, hosting the Global Cardboard Challenge (™) every year.

Building with cardboard has never been as easy and full of possibilities as it is with Strawbees Cardboard School kit. Use Strawbees color-coded connectors and washers to connect cardboard and other upcycled materials in a completely different way. Create surfaces and shapes and use the constructions pipes for beams and mechanisms. The custom designed tools included will prevent accidents and make handling cardboard easier.

It includes enough pieces for an entire classroom (up to 50 students) to create great individual and collaborative projects.

Coding & Robotics School kit

MSRP/MAP: 695 USD – The full STEAM & Coding experience, 1630 pieces, and 12 multipurpose robots for less than $60 each.

Strawbees Coding & Robotics School kit is the best way for kids to work together to create and program their own robots or creating their own instruments

Strawbees Coding & Robotics kits bring the ultimate STEAM experience to the classroom. Kids will build with Strawbees and be introduced to programming with the Quirkbot and tinkering with electronic components such as LEDs, light sensor or motors. Our coding platform features three different ways of coding: Block/Scratch, Flow, Text. Besides, the color-coded Strawbees connectors will make it easier to follow our educational and flipped classroom lessons.

With 12 Quirkbots, one kit can fit a class encouraging kids to work and learn together.

Compared value and content with other Coding kits?

Kindergarten Subscription kits

MSRP/MAP: 695 USD – Introduce toddlers to STEAM building toys.

The Kindergarten kits help toddlers develop their skill with simple lessons and easy to use materials

Strawbees Kindergarten kits help preschool teachers with specially designed and planned lessons and materials every month of the school year (12 kits, one per month). The projects are intended for progression, contributing to the development of children motion, cognitive and social skills.

These kits are designed so that each toddler will get a one every month during the school year.

*This kit is currently available in Korean and in English, please email us for more information.

Infinite kit

MSRP/MAP: 595 USD – Start an upcycling station to create your own connectors.

We need to teach our kids on how to re-use materials many times, to ensure that they become interested in the environment and maybe one day invents the solution to everything. The Infinite Kit creates Strawbees out of waste materials.

The Infinite kits contains a Make machine and dies to create all the range of Strawbees connectors. Provide your classroom or makerspace with unlimited connectors by using plastic waste, cardboard or paper. It allows kids to experiment with different materials while teaching about reusing and recycling.

Each Infinite kit can produce thousands of connectors.

Educational Content

On our Learning Platform you can find plenty of subject and age categorized lesson plans and projects for kids to create at home or in school.


We’re also creating a whole new range of videos following a Flipped Classroom approach  making the learning more engaging for the students and easier for the teachers.

We have some ready, and more will join!

Learn to Code

We also provide the tools for an engaging coding experience. Our coding platform Strawbees CODE features three ways of programming:

  • Flow programming
  • Block programming (powered by MIT Scratch)
  • Arduino Text programming

We are the only company providing 3 different approaches for coding, allowing endless progression possibilities.

Instructional posters perfect for maker spaces, libraries and schools.


In retail, we’ve developed a line of products that will entertain and challenge children and teens while they are learning at home. We believe that kids have the most fun when they are allowed to be creative and get to solve problems on their own, or together with others.

You’ll be able to find us in major retail chains, mostly in toy stores, department stores, hobby stores, and tech shops. All our kits are great, but our bestsellers are: The Maker kit, Inventor kit, Imagination kit, and Coding & Robotics kit.

Maker Kit

MSRP/MAP: 19.99 USD – Get started with 200 pieces and 16 example projects

The Maker kit is the perfect introduction to STEM building toys.

Bring out the maker in every kid and get them to create with Strawbees. The Maker kit provides enough pieces to start experimenting right out the box, either following the instructions or inventing at their own pace!

The perfect gift for one or two kids to learn and play.

Inventor Kit

MSRP/MAP: 34.99 USD – Explore more with 450 pieces and 21 example projects

With the Inventor kit kids will enjoy building and learning STEM alone or with friends.

Kids like to create, and with Strawbees Inventor kit, they will have enough pieces to build big things and let their creativity flow.

This kit is great for a small group of friends to have fun and learn together with their own projects or working together!

Imagination Kit

MSRP/MAP: 49.99 USD – Create your dreams with 400 pieces and 105 creative idea starters

The Imagination kit is perfect to learn through storytelling and problem-solving, with challenges that will test children skills while they have a lot of fun.

The Imagination kit includes 105 cards with fun and open-ended challenges for kids to solve. It has tons of pieces, including bendable pipes, that empower children to build almost anything.

This kit will bring countless hours of fun and it great for a small group of kids to create stories together!

Creature Creator Kit

MSRP/MAP: 49.99 USD – Invent creatures with 400 pieces, eyes, and feet.

The Creature Creator kit allows kids to learn about emotion by turning anything (even a simple cube) into an expressive character.

With 2 sets of eyes and feet, and bendable pipes, the Creature Creator kit makes easier than ever for kids to create their own creatures. They can play with different combinations and even create a puppet show!

Up to a small group of kids can have together with this kit.

Crazy Scientist Kit

MSRP/MAP: 69.99 USD – Go big with 1200 pieces and 21 example projects

The Crazy Scientist is the best building experience for kids to create the biggest and most complex constructions alone or in groups.

With 1200 pieces the Crazy Scientist kits bring unlimited possibilities. From tons of small projects to huge constructions, this kit shows the ultimate building experience with Strawbees.

The Crazy Scientist kit is big enough for medium size groups of kids or even a small makerspace.

Coding & Robotics Kit

MSRP/MAP: 99.99 USD – Build a robot from scratch with 300 pieces & electronics

The Coding & Robotics kit is the easiest way for kids to build and program their own robots, learning to code in a funny way.

The Coding and Robotics kit is the best and most complete Strawbees experience. It includes Strawbees, a programmable Quirkbot, LEDs, Sensors, Motor and more! It is the perfect STEAM kit and the funniest way to tinker and learn about electronics, programming, building, and creativity.
Besides, kids can learn to code with 3 different approaches: Flow, Block/Scratch, and Text programming.

With the Coding & Robotics kit, a kid can experiment all the learning possibilities of Strawbees. And even a couple of kids can have fun together working collaborative.

Pocketful of Ideas

MSRP/MAP: 14.99 USD – 105 creative challenges to use with any of our kits.

Use the Pocketful of ideas to challenge kids creativity with 105 open-ended ideas for creative building.

The Pocketful of Ideas is a Card Deck with 105 challenges to boost and test kids’ imagination and storytellings skills! It works seamlessly with any other Strawbees kit (notice that they are included on the Imagination kit) or with any other STEAM solution and toys you are currently using.

Please contact us at if you want to place an order or have any questions!

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