The best way to get going with coding is to start building a project and figuring out how to make it work the way you want it to. Try out one of the experiments to start learning how to build and then modify the existing code to make it yours.

You can create and save your own programs at You need to access CODE with the Google Chrome browser and do a simple automated installation of our CODE Helper extension. Then you’re ready to start programming and uploading through USB directly from your browser!

Create a racing robot to travel across the room in the straightest line possible. Follow the instructions in the video to build this simple walker, and then upload and modify the code below.

Uploading this code will make the Quirkbot LEDs blink and it will start rotating a servo motor back and forth, if connected to either servo backpack port 1 or 2. To modify the movement of the servo, look at the Wave node, which defines the lenght it takes to move the arm between the positions, as well as the min and max positions. Try altering these to fit your own build.

Link to this code:

Build a star and program the LEDs to blink, fade, and pulse like the night sky.

Modify this code to make the LEDs blink in different ways. Try changing the different color values between 0-1 and see what happens!

Code that makes it blink:

Code that fades in and out:

Animate a dancing companion that moves to your rythm!

Edit the length in the wave node to make the robot stomp slower or faster. If the foot moves too far up or down, edit the min and max values. Try to match it to the rhythm of your favourite song!

Simple code moving servo motor back and forth rapidly:

Music Instrument

Link to this code:

Play your instrument connected to

Afraid of the dark-pig

Get the code for the afaid pig:

Coding & Robotics Kit

Get your own Coding & Robotics Kit with everything you need to create the projects above!

C&R School Kit

The Coding & Robotics School Kit includes 12 sets, which can be used for a full class completing various lessons.