Got yourself a new Strawbees kit, or just looking for some inspiration? On this page you will find a few simple projects that will help you get started with building with Strawbees.

This video can give you some inspiration for the endless possibilities to what you can create with Strawbees.

The best way to get started is to just play around with the connectors and construction pipes – get used to them and see how they fit together! Below, you will find a few different projects with videos that you can follow along. To get the same pipe lengths, download the cutting template:

Learn how to build a bridge with this introductory construction lesson.

Through a method of explorative trial and error, this will take you from a 2D shape to the creation of a surprisingly sturdy bridge. How much weight can your creation carry?

Follow the video instructions and pause as you build!

Experience this project with the
Strawbees Maker Kit

Find the maker in you! The Maker kit is the perfect introduction to building with Strawbees. With 200 pieces and an instruction manual with 16 projects, you can start exploring the Strawbees universe by building geometric shapes or your favourite animal. It includes all the components to create the bridge project and even develop it further.

Gather friends or family and build a super large modular fractal structure called the Sierpinski tetrahedron.

For this one you will need a lot of 3-legged Strawbees. You can also construct your own 3-legged connectors by joining three 1-legged Strawbees together with a forth 1-legged Strawbee.

For the whole class with the
Strawbees STEAM School Kit

This projects is a perfect activity in the classroom. Our STEAM School Kit opens up the door to an incredible amount of lessons and projects for the whole class to experience over and over again.

See more School Lessons at our Learning Platform.

Construct an extending grabber to pick up different objects for a challenge.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the video to make your own extending grabber arm.

Do this project with a friend with
Strawbees Inventor Kit

Dive into the next iteration and make bigger polyhedra or a catapult. With 450 pieces and 21 fun maker projects, you’ll have enough pieces to start inventing larger projects with your friends!